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 YAFO-CCTV Three Guaranty

1.Refund guaranty in one month for dissatisfactory

We provide free on-site teaching and phone consultant. Moreover, we will answer any question in the future. YAFO is your lifetime free consultant.

2.Best quality, strict quality assurance, and clear specifications

Countless monitor equipment makes you confused? YAFO is different from general web sites or shops which provide only good quality product with low price. We provide at least one year warranty for all the products.

3.Lowest price. Refund price difference guaranty.

Yes! If the same product is sold with lower price than YAFO within one month, we will refund you the price difference for sure.


How to choose monitor equipment and install monitor system?
To use PC or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) as a host?

The advantage of PC + DVR-card: Better picture quality and detail functions especially at "remotely access". Longer storage time due to better compression algorithm. . It costs less if you already have a reliable PC. The PC can be used for other purposes, too. Check out great deals of DVRs here

The advantage of DVR: Practical function, reliable and steady system compared to "Windows environment" , easy and clear operation. It costs less than a DVR-card + PC.

How many cameras are required? How is the image quality?
The amount of cameras will be decided first, and then to choose appropriate DVR-card or host that can decide the image quality.
Do I have to buy a new PC if I have a old one?
YAFO I-4 and YAFO II-4 has no problem for most PC (Intel P3 is good enough). For other DVR-cards, please provide CPU and chips of Intel P4.
Is night-vision function necessary?
Digital monitor cameras are numerous. If night-vision function is not required, please check out in normal cameras. On the contrary, night-vision or infrared cameras are for night use. If the record environment is dark or without any light, please choose infrared cameras.
The price and efficacy of CCTV cameras?
We can give you advice better if users can specify the demanded quality, light, recording distance.
Is wireless camera required?
Except expensive charge, wireless camera (A camera + wireless set) can save you from hassle of running wiring. But the distance and obstacles have to be concerned. In general, concrete building will lower the range of wireless signal and metal material will totally block the wireless signal. 
DVR-card or DVR: Users can install the card to your PC themselves following our menu. If users choose DVR, it will be easier because you don't need to install anything.
Wires selection: We provide low impedance AV wireless (with RF terminal+ power cord) and high-quality camera which can support for at least 166 ft. And it can save you form hassle of running separate power and video wiring.

  If users are interested in buying the whole monitor system in YAFO to DIY, we suggest to measure the distance between cameras and the host and the structure of the house for appropriate accessories

Any Question? Please e-mail to us